Xubuntu and the Mystery of the Application Launcher

I loved GNOME-Do back when I ran Ubuntu (and Arch and Fedora). When I moved to Xubuntu, I wanted something that ran a little smoother, though. I found GNOME-Do a bit sluggish. Plus, it would often launch itself immediately after I opened a browser.

I tried a bunch of launchers (a good place to start is here) before I realized I could use the native Xfce application launcher.

To be more precise, it’s the Xfce application finder.

I created a keyboard shortcut for xfce4-appfinder, binding it to my old GNOME-Do command.

Now, an application menu comes up that allows me to type the name of the application I wish to launch.

To be fair, it’s nowhere near as robust or customizable as GNOME-Do. But it suits my purposes just fine and feel pretty stable within Xubuntu (so far).

I’m finding Xubuntu can do a lot of nice things both well and natively. It’s simply a matter of translating the function from GNOME to Xfce.