Gives Xfce Some Respect had a nice piece on the glories of Xfce.

I’m always happy to see Xfce get some attention, since I think a lot of people assume GNOME is the only option for desktop management. And the more cutting-edge Linux people seem to be interested in KDE.

Like I said earlier, though, it might be time to stop calling Xfce lightweight. While it can be lightweight, given what most people expect of their desktop experience, I think it’s no longer a given Xfce will be lightweight.

I know people running Xfce on Debian and Arch say it’s super fast, but I always wonder if things get bogged down as they add more GNOME-derived applications to perform more complex tasks.

It’s great to see Xfce getting some love, though. But I think we’ve reached the point where Xfce can be seen as an almost-equal to GNOME and KDE, rather than the sickly sibling that requires less contemporary hardware.

First of all, the Xfce experience gets more complete each development cycle. But also because it’s no longer a given Xfce will work well on less robust systems.

Xfce is just a nice desktop environment. Qualifying that statement only creates expectations that might not be met.