When Xubuntu Isn’t Pure Fun

It’s been about a month or so with Xubuntu and so far it’s just been a magical journey. But there are some things about it that I wish I could change:

  1. I wish Thunar let you switch the default drag-and-drop function from copy to move. I know you can just move stuff by holding down the shift key but it seems fairly out of step with current expectations. And if the Thunar developers really think the default should be copy, there should at least be a preference setting to let the user switch it to move. It’s a great file manager, though. Way, way easier than Nautilus. And less prone to freezing and hiccups.
  2. I wish suspending caused the screen to lock. It’s supposed to, but it doesn’t. It’s supposed to be fixed for 10.10, but I also think it’s been fixed before. Right now, I use the screensaver options to cause the screen to lock, but it takes a few minutes for the lock to kick in. It doesn’t seem very secure.

These are both very small annoyances, though. The vast, vast majority of my time in Xubuntu, it’s smooth sailing.

Xfce is a great desktop manager. 90% of the defaults are perfect for me and it’s not overly complex to manage. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, I’m not sure it’s appreciably less system intensive than GNOME, at least within the context of Ubuntu, but speed kind of isn’t the point for me. I wanted a solid experience and so far, Xfce is giving it to me.