The Power of Rebooting

I lost Internet for a few days due to the crazy weather here in New York City. I finally got back online this afternoon and had some updates waiting for me, including a kernel and Firefox update. I updated my machine but ignored the restart messages, since I was kind of in a work groove. Eventually, Firefox crashed and I had to do a manual power-off-power-on (even Alt-PrtScrn+R+S+E+I+U+B didn’t work).

I restarted my machine a few times and couldn’t get past the initial boot screen. I was kind of annoyed, but I have the live CD, so I figured I had a solid plan B.

Amazingly, though, when I rebooted after dinner, everything was fixed.

I don’t understand why, but it seems like a lot of Linux problems can be fixed with enough reboots. It’s magical.

It makes me wonder if a lot of Hollywood producers are secret Linux fans.