Praising the Ubuntu in Xubuntu

In general, I love working with Xfce via Xubuntu.

It’s simple, everything makes sense, and everything just works.

But like most Linux afficionados, once I’ve got a distro set up just right, I start thinking about the next one.

Because I’m so in love with Xfce, I’ve been considering going to a distro that’s more Xfce pure, with less GNOME touches.

The best way to do that would be to use a minimal distribution that let you build up your OS from scratch. I was thinking in terms of Debian and Arch.

I’ve played with Arch before and the bleeding-edge thing always ended up killing me, so I was considering Debian running Xfce.

While I was thinking about this, it came to my attention (through Steven Rosenberg’s amazing blog) that Xubuntu allows you to run Xubuntu sessions or Xfce sessions.

The option comes up on your login screen.

The Xfce session option is more of a pure Xfce experience, without the Xubuntu bling.

It’s a subtle difference, but the Xubuntu icons do make for a nicer experience. It gives the desktop a more contemporary feel. And everything seems to be a bit more vivid in the Xubuntu environment.

It made me realize that despite my Ubuntu control issues, they really do bring a lot to the table.

On a semi-related note, I’ve been playing with the new Mint Debian in a virtual box and it’s made me appreciate the Ubuntu repositories. It seems like anything I want I can find in the Ubuntu repositories. That hasn’t been my experience with the Debian ones. For instance, they don’t have Chromium and I don’t have the energy or time to compile it from the source code.

So despite my reservations about Ubuntu, and how many decisions they make for me, at the same time, I do appreciate how much they enhance my OS.

I could probably accomplish most of what I do using Xfce as the desktop for a non-Ubuntu distribution, but it wouldn’t be as easy and it wouldn’t look as nice, so what would be the point?