Clipman Helps Remember What You Cut

One of the things I don’t love about Xubuntu, and about Linux distributions in general, is that a lot of times, when I close a program, I lose what was in my clipboard.

Apparently, this is known as clipboard persistence, and it’s a known issue with Xorg.

Xubuntu, and XFCE, come with Clipman, as a default clipboard manager. It’s small and customizable and once you start it, it seems to pretty much stay on forever, remembering the last few things that you saved to your clipboard (you tell Clipman how many clips you want it to remember).

Ideally, I’d love to cut text, close my file, and then paste it someplace else without losing what was cut, but if that’s not possible, Clipman seems to be a pretty simple safety net that pretty much fixes the clipboard persistence bug for me.

If you’re running into this, you might want to give Clipman, or any clipboard manager, a spin.