The Ubuntu Font Allows Machines to Look Even Less Ubuntu-y

I’m not a big font guy, but I was curious about the new Ubuntu font, so I downloaded it.

It’s a little cartoony for me across my desktop, but it looks nice in small dosages. I’m back using the default Sans font, though.

I like that Ubuntu is trying to give itself a unique look, though. And I really like how this process works in the Linux world.

First, you have Ubuntu trying to create a unique look, and perhaps even a brand, within its various distros.

Many people stick with the default look, thus maintaining the brand, but I imagine quite a few users want to customize their computing experience, so they keep what they like and dump what they don’t.

Consequently, because Ubuntu gives people more design options, it allows for even more differences in the look of someone’s setup.

The new Ubuntu font is another variable that allows users to make their computer look even more similar to Ubuntu, but also even more different.

I don’t think it’s a failing of Ubuntu. I think Canonical tries to deliver a user experience, but leaves it up the user to decide if it’s the experience they want. I certainly appreciate it in Xubuntu, which is a little peppier looking than most other straight-up Xfce distros.

One of the things I love about Linux is that it’s all about options and possibilities. Your computer works for you and you have as much or as little control as you want. I’m not a huge fan of the Ubuntu font but I appreciate having the option to play with it a little bit.

Other operating systems work very hard to give every user the same exact experience. It’s nice to work with an OS that knows I’m best equipped to decide what my experience should look like. It’s just so civilized…