The Return of clamz to My Xubuntu Sytem

I’ve written (briefly) about clamz before.

clamz is a simple command line program that “opens” .amz files from the MP3 store.

Amazon has its own downloader for Linux, but it hasn’t been updated for quite some time. Fedora 11? Isn’t Fedora up to 25 right now?

The 9.04 Ubuntu downloader doesn’t install on 10.04, my Xubuntu version. There are tricks to get it to install, but I decided clamz would be easier to get going.

clamz can be downloaded here. Details on the Ubuntu dependencies can be found here. I didn’t use the full string, but I forgot to track which ones I needed. You can probably just install one package at a time if you’re worried about bloat.

It’s kind of funny that I just realized I need clamz. I download off of Amazon fairly frequently, but I hadn’t downloaded an entire album until yesterday (the price was right for this one). I guess I thought I had the Amazon downloader working, because I knew I didn’t have clamz.

But now I do have clamz, and it’s flawless as always. In fact, I kind of wonder why it’s not in the Ubuntu repositories — especially since Amazon seems to have given up on developing their download tool for Linux.

Plus, with clamz, I imagine one could keep the .amz files as a backup and re-open them if you ever lose the MP3s.

To open an Amazon album with clamz, go into the terminal, go into the directory with your .amz file and type clamz Amazon file name. Or, if you’re lazy like me, just do clamz *.amz to open all of the Amazon albums in a directory.

Believe it or not, even with clamz, I still find buying an Amazon album or song about 20 times faster than doing the same thing through iTunes.