CrunchBang Statler

Over on Twitter, in response to my request for a rolling Xfce distro, someone suggested I give CrunchBang Statler a try.

CrunchBang Statler is basically Debian Squeeze (also known as testing) with an Xfce window manager. It also comes in an Openbox variant.

I haven’t had time to really play with it, but I have done some research, and in that research, I found a cool interview with Philip Newborough, the CrunchBang project lead.

It’s a cool interview because Newborough talks about why CrunchBang switched from being Ubuntu-based to (pure) Debian-based. But he also has some nice things to say about Xfce and Xubuntu:

I think a lot of the criticisms aimed at Xubuntu are unfair, the Xubuntu developers are doing a fantastic job, but at the same time I do think there are some distributions which implement Xfce better.

I do not think the Xubuntu devs are at fault for this; having spent time on the Xubuntu devel mailing list, it is easy to see that the developers are often having to concentrate on providing fixes and workarounds to issues caused by changes made to packages by Ubuntu devs who are working on the main GNOME desktop edition.

I have often thought that Xubuntu would do better as a project if it added a level of separation from Ubuntu, such as having its own packages repositories.

Xubuntu getting more separation from Ubuntu is an interesting prospect. But at the same time, I would hate to see Xubuntu lose all of that support it receives from Canonical.

And even though Xubuntu can sometimes be a bit bloated, it still is a great distribution.