Update on gPodder

I wanted to post a quick update to my gPodder review.

I still love the podcast manager. The episode syncing isn’t as seamless as I would like, though. I find myself deleting used podcasts from my Sansa Fuze and then deleting them manually from my computer. I haven’t figured out how to get gPodder to remove episodes. It seems that deleting a file in the gPodder interface doesn’t actually remove it from my computer.

It’s hardly a deal-breaker, though. I just go through and delete all of my used podcasts once a week or so.

One component of gPodder I didn’t realize initially was that there’s a web-based component to the tool. You can create an account at gpodder.net and sync your gPodder client to the web interface, allowing you to easily sync multiple devices over multiple computers and to manage your subscriptions from the web interface.

To be honest, I have no need for this functionality. But I am intrigued by the gPodder web directory. Initially, I was using the iTunes preview web interface to find podcasts but the godder.net directory seems pretty good. As one might expect, it skews geeky/techy, but I view that as a feature, not a bug.

Users can tag their own podcasts, so the directory has a social component. In fact, one can share his own podcast subscriptions and favorite episodes via a link gpodder.net will provide. The site will also make podcast recommendations and provide the recommendations in the form of an OPML file that will download the suggested podcasts right into the gPodder client.

For me, I mostly just want to download podcasts and get them onto my device. I’ve got a nice rotation of shows I listen to, so I’m not looking for new content, but as I burn out on my shows, gpodder.net seems like it’ll be a great resource for new content.

It’s social without being intrusive, which is always a nice thing.

Now, if I could just figure out how to tell gPodder my default browser isn’t Opera, I’d be totally set. Xubuntu in general seems to recognize Chromium is my default browser, but gPodder prefers to open gpodder.net with Opera.