A New Hope

When I first started posting here, I was really trying to capture everything I was learning about Xubuntu and Xfce.

However, as one might expect, after a while, the learning kind of slowed down. I’m just not learning as much as I was at the beginning of my move from GNOME to Xfce.

I could switch to another desktop environment to keep the learning going, but instead I decided to change the focus of this site a little. Rather than making it about my learning to work with Xubuntu, I want to focus more on how other people work with Linux. Which is why I’ve changed the name of this site to My Linux Rig.

If you scan through my archives, you’ll see a lot of the stuff I’ve posted has been about working with Linux in general, so I don’t think anyone will notice any major changes (although I have changed my theme up).

One new feature will be The Linux Setup, which will be a series of interviews with Linux users, both famous and obscure, about their own systems. It’s pretty much a Linux derivative of this site.

The first interview is with Shawn Powers of Linux Journal.

I’ve been kind of nervous about running out of stuff to write about Xubuntu and Xfce. By broadening the scope of this site, I’m no longer stressed about that. I’m sure there will still be an Xfce/Xubuntu focus here, given that it’s my primary OS (for now…), but I won’t feel out of bounds writing about more general Linux topics, too.

And if you’re a Linux user and want to participate in The Linux Setup, send me your contact information here (I won’t post it as a question — I promise!) or hit me on Twitter.