A Quick Look at Sabayon 6 – Techgage

I tried Sabayon on a virtual machine, just because I can never get Gentoo installed in a vbox and I was curious to see Gentoo (or one of its derivatives, in the case of Sabayon) in action.

Sabayon (the Xfce version) was very nice! It installed ridiculously easily. It’s got a package manager that I don’t quite understand, but that’s easy to use. It looks very nice. And because it’s Gentoo-based, it’s a rolling release.

It was a nice enough experience that I’d consider installing it directly on a machine, rather than a virtual one, just to see how things like printing and wi-fi go.

I’ve been looking around for Sabayon reviews and there doesn’t seem to be much out there. And what’s there isn’t always very complimentary. But it’s an intriguing OS to explore. And this review was good, if not complimentary.

A Quick Look at Sabayon 6 – Techgage