Hey Steve, I’m a long time reader of both your hockey blog as well as this one. I loved the making sausage with puck update post you did a few years back, and I would love to see an updated and more in depth post on what software, hardware, and tips and trick you use in your day to day life since you’ve become a full time linux user. Thanks! Danny

Danny is referring to this post from my hockey blog.

It’s pretty amazing how little has changed. I’m using Lubuntu 11.04 right now (as discussed here). I do all of my writing in gedit. I use Chromium as my main browser, but other than that, my tools are pretty much the same. I still use GIMP to edit photos (and Filezilla to upload them). I’m still a heavy GCal user, only because I can’t find anything better. And my hockey blog now runs on WordPress.

Apparently, once I find a tool I like, I hang on for dear life. It’s been three years since I wrote that Making the Sausage… post and my tools are slightly different, but also very much the same.