Calvin Trillin Predicted Yelp Almost 30 Years Ago

This isn’t strictly Linux-related, but it’s pretty amazing. I’m reading Calvin Trillin’s The Tummy Trilogy, a great food book, and in the first part he has this incredible quote. Keep in mind the book was published in 1974:

“…I learned that one of the other guests, an investment banker named Anthony Lamport, could summon data on four hundred [restaurants] simply by strolling over to a computer terminal he had installed in a small office one flight above his bedroom and punching a few keys—having first dialed a special number in California on the telephone and placed the receiver next to what passes for the machine’s ear…I admit to having been intrigued by the idea of storing restaurant information in a computer. I could think of a few useful ways to arrange New York restaurants into the kinds of subgroups computers are always providing…”

Trillin and Lamport basically imagined Yelp 30 years before it launched.

I wonder what the OS of the mainframe was.