My family hates the idea of storing (or sending for that matter) any data through the cloud because they fear cloud hosting services collecting their data. What are your thoughts of cloud based storage? When do you feel it is necessary to use clouds?

It’s true. Cloud providers–especially American ones–are insecure on a number of levels. But on a practical level, they just make life so much easier. The thing of it is, I know I could host things like email and files on my own server, but I’m not sure how much more secure the data would be. Because while anyone can create their own cloud, keeping a cloud secure isn’t a trivial task. So I use hosted clouds and try to remember how many corporations are looking through my files. It’s not perfect but it’s convenient.

One day I hope to have the time and energy to create/find something more secure. Most probably a hosted solution in a privacy-minded country. If your family is already interested in security, I’d encourage them to explore alternative solutions. You might have a situation where your family is doing the leg-work of a secure cloud project for you!

Then tell me what you’re doing!