Welcome to Linux Rig

You may have noticed some changes to the site! At least I hope you have… Here’s a quick guide to the various rationales:

  1. I shortened the site name to Linux Rig. The My quickly began to feel a little personal, like it was about my Linux setup, rather than everyone‘s. I was able to buy the domain a few years ago and I’ve been waiting to use it. I’m sure I overthought it a bit, but a shorter URL usually doesn’t hurt.

  2. Linux Rig now has a logo! Interviewing Elio got me thinking about the importance of design in everything. I worked with a great designer who managed to get that cool logo out of the idea of penguins and computers…

  3. I’m off Tumblr. I love(d) Tumblr. The community is great and the backend is super easy to use. But I’ve been nervous about depending upon them ever since Yahoo! bought them. Yahoo! getting sold didn’t make me feel any better. So now I’m on hosted WordPress. The migration was pretty smooth and the hosted support has been great. I’m curious about Ghost, but it’s pretty pricey.

  4. I also decided to migrate the site after Dropbox killed its public folder which I used to host my images (Tumblr’s image hosting could be a bit wonky). If I was going to manually change a ton of image links, I figured I should just do it in a new CMS.

It’s interesting to note that despite all of my writing about the dangers of closed, proprietary systems, I found myself trapped in two (Tumblr and Dropbox). It’s also interesting to note that the closed, proprietary systems ultimately created a lot of work for me! But in the end, I’m glad to be in a new CMS with a new look. And it was interesting going through so many old posts. This site began as a simple, public journal about learning to use Xubuntu and it’s evolved into something much bigger (like a book!).

Feel free to let me know about any issues, thoughts, or suggestions! Or to let me interview you about your Linux setup.