The politics of the Linux desktop

So this is it: I believe in open source. We have a number of very, very good desktop-compatible distributions these days, and most of the time they just work. If you use well-known or supported hardware, they’re likely to “just work” pretty much as well as the two obvious alternatives, Windows or Mac. And they just work because many people have put much time into using them, testing them, and improving them. So it’s not a case of why wouldn’t I use Windows or Mac, but why would I ever consider not using Linux? If, as I do, you believe in open source, and particularly if you work within the open source community or are employed by an open source organisation, I struggle to see why you would even consider not using Linux.

This is a really nice essay. Switching to Linux isn’t as hard as people think. There’s some learning curve, but it’s a manageable one. And the freedom and control you get back is immeasurable.

The politics of the Linux desktop |