I’m Nat Friedman, future CEO of GitHub. AMA.

What is your response to people moving repos to GitLab and other providers?
Developers are independent thinkers and will always have a healthy degree of skepticism, but I admit I was sad to see that some felt compelled to move their code. I take the responsibility of earning their trust seriously.

OTOH, I think it’s great that git gives developers the flexibility to move their repos like this, and I hope those who have tried out other Git hosts in the past few days will keep an open mind and consider moving back once we’ve demonstrated our commitment to openness and made GitHub even better. If they choose not to move back, that’s their prerogative and we celebrate developer choice even when developers don’t choose us.

I understand why people are upset about Microsoft buying GitHub, but the whole point of Git is that this kind of thing doesn’t matter. With Git, you have all of the project files on your local machine. Repositories can be easily moved. This is why non-proprietary tools are best. Because when you have to move, you can. It’s encouraging that Friedman gets this.

I host my personal site through GitHub and I’m not moving just yet. I want to see how things shake out. But if I do have to move, I know it’ll be easy.

I’m Nat Friedman, future CEO of GitHub. AMA. | r/AMA