Make. It. Simple. Linux Desktop Usability — Part 1

A really interesting post about the importance of menus for Linux (and for any operating system!)

There’s a section I appreciated:

Look at the GNOME 3 screenshot again. Note what is also missing? A visual clue that Save is Ctrl-S. The menu entries for “Copy”, “Paste” and so on are entirely missing — not just their shortcuts like Ctrl-C, but the whole menu entries.

WordPerfect used to have a paper template you could lay over your keyboard so you could see (and learn) all of the shortcuts. I loved it. I think it’s one of the reasons I hate taking my hands off the keyboard (not that we had mice, back in the day!).

Also, man do I miss WordPerfect…

Make. It. Simple. Linux Desktop Usability — Part 1 | Medium