7 Things Desktop Linux Needs in 2019

I disagree with a few of these!

One Distro to Rule them All: Why? I know people complain about Linux fragmentation, but I think fragmentation is also what allows Linux to improve so steadily. All of these distros and desktop environments can “fail” quicker, allowing the community to learn faster. I don’t see multiple distributions as a problem. I’d be sad to see consolidation.

Culling the App Herd: Similar to above. Software moves in and out of development. It’s annoying if something you love disappears, but it happens across operating systems. It’s the nature of software. Very few programs last forever.

Real-Time Antivirus and Anti-Malware: The nature of Linux is different from Windows, which is what makes it more secure. I’m for anything that adds to the security of Linux, but I don’t see this as something needed urgently this year.

Prosumer-Grade Apps: “For those that don’t know, a prosumer is an amateur who purchases tools that are of professional-grade quality.” I think Linux serves pros, amateurs, and “prosumers” quite well. Not to brag, but I kind of have documented this pretty well. However, I would like to see more projects offer themselves a path to financial viability. Very few software projects make any money and depend upon donations. I wish we could figure out payment models that allow projects to see their work supported, while also letting anyone use their software, that also doesn’t bog projects down in accounting, rather than software development.

In fact, if I had to pick one thing Linux needs in 2019, I think the creation of inclusive-yet-realistic financial support models would be at the top of my list.

7 Things Desktop Linux Needs in 2019 | Linux.com