He Reported on Facebook. Now He Approaches It With Caution.

If you could invent a product to help people protect their online privacy, what would it be?

I’m going to answer this one the long way. The United States has no basic consumer privacy law. So every individual has to be in charge of navigating the entire commercial-surveillance-industrial-complex on his or her own. Which is to say, it’s practically impossible for any nonexperts to protect their privacy in a meaningful way.

The privacy expert Ashkan Soltani, whom I’ve quoted in some stories, compares it to ordering a cup of coffee at a Starbucks and being told that the coffee may be loaded with arsenic, but that it’s up to you to figure out whether or not the coffee is safe to drink.

I know I’ve been writing a lot about privacy, but it’s very important. Reporter Nick Confessore has some great takes on the issue.

He Reported on Facebook. Now He Approaches It With Caution | The New York Times