25 Years Later: Interview with Linus Torvalds

I’m disappointed this interview doesn’t address Linus’s behavior issues, which resulted in a one-month time out. Especially since Linus gives a solid opening:

But, I absolutely detest modern “social media”—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. It’s a disease. It seems to encourage bad behavior.

I think part of it is something that email shares too, and that I’ve said before: “On the internet, nobody can hear you being subtle”. When you’re not talking to somebody face to face, and you miss all the normal social cues, it’s easy to miss humor and sarcasm, but it’s also very easy to overlook the reaction of the recipient, so you get things like flame wars, etc., that might not happen as easily with face-to-face interaction.

It seems like some lessons were learned, but I would have liked to have read more about his take on the experience.

25 Years Later: Interview with Linus Torvalds | Linux Journal

Image courtesy of Faces of Open Source / Peter Adams