Ubuntu chief surprised by desktop support boom

In a discussion at the OpenStack Foundation’s Open Infrastructure Summit recently, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux and its commercial holding company Canonical, admitted he’d been caught on the hop by the change in demand.

“We have seen companies signing up for Linux desktop support, because they want to have fleets of Ubuntu desktop for their artificial intelligence engineers,” he said in the conversation as reported by ZDNet. It seems therefore that companies are placing literal dollar-value on the continuity of their development processes, to the extent that they need to ensure that Ubuntu keeps running.

It’s great to see the Linux desktop, and not just the kernel, getting some love.

Also, I would have linked to ZDNet, which has the original story, but it has a super-annoying autoplay video. So you’re welcome 🙂 .

Ubuntu chief surprised by desktop support boom | T_HQ