I’m being watched at Amazon Go — and I don’t care

American society has been fed quite a bill of goods: that surrendering privacy with a return of convenience is a fair deal.

Semi-related is the idea that there’s no cost attached to cost-free services. But of course, it’s impossible to quantify the cost since we have no idea what companies do with our data. Are they using it to increase prices on certain goods they know we need? Are they preventing us from learning about less expensive options? If so, there is a cost attached to the loss of privacy.

This is the most chilling quote in the article: “As one millennial friend put it, “Take my data; give me free [stuff].'”

I hate to blame this on the millennials, because they’re not the only one sacrificing privacy for convenience. Just look at the demographics of Facebook.

Until we understand what happens with our data on closed platforms, we’re selling our own data without any idea of its true value, which feels positively un-American.

I’m being watched at Amazon Go — and I don’t care | Axios