How He Does It: Robert Caro Explains His Research and Writing Process

I’m not sure if this is really a tech kind of post, but I’m hanging it upon the hook of my interview with The Plain Text Project, where I discussed how I edit on paper.

I just finished reading Robert Caro’s Working, and in it he mentions using triple spacing so he has plenty of room to write in his edits. This article talks about that process:

Caro writes his drafts longhand on white legal pads, three or four times. Then he types these drafts on an old electric typewriter, using legal paper and triple spacing to leave lots of room for editing. Some drafts have more pencil marks than type.

I don’t leave that much space when I print, but I might begin to leave more than my 1.5 line spacing, as more room for writing is always helpful when marking things up.

And just to bring this around to software, one of the things I love about Typora, my Markdown editor, is that you can print from it directly, without converting the work to a PDF or HTML.

How He Does It: Robert Caro Explains His Research and Writing Process | The Elements of Writing