An Ode to Email Clients

Someone asked Cory Doctorow about his tech set-up:

Tweet: Stock Android on Pixels; Ubuntu on Thinkpads, Gedit and emacs to compose, Libreoffice to format; Gdrvie for file-exchange, Flickr for photo-sharing. 
@orenwolf runs my mailserver and I pop it with @mozthunderbird . @newsblur
 for RSS. @brave and  @firefox for browsing.

Nothing too surprising. But I’m always happy to see an email client get a shout-out. Working from home, I’m shocked how much I actually miss Outlook! But I didn’t want to intermingle my work and personal accounts in Thunderbird, so I’m using Evolution to handle my work Exchange email and it’s been super easy and seamless. I got it up and running in a few minutes.

I don’t see myself ever using Evolution as a primary client, but it’s doing the job as my temporary backup.