My Take on Email

My various feeds have featured lots of posts about the utility of email. This point resonated with me:

Everyone uses email differently. Your children might use email to submit their homework; while you might receive emails about your next meeting. I may use an encrypted email provider; you may use Gmail. I may use an email client; you might use webmail. You may prioritise ease of use over security; I might not. It doesn’t matter. For this reason workflow management is a very subjective matter and hence its not for me to say whether email has got this right or wrong. Everyone has a different situation, so making generalised statements doesn’t achieve anything.

Everyone does use email differently, so clients allow the user to take back their preferences. I’ve noticed this with my personal email, where I have a few essential Thunderbird extensions, but even for my work email, where I’ve shifted from the web interface to Evolution, and now feel like I’m able to process email much more quickly.

The freedom of a standards-based tool like email is one of its strengths.

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