Linux Mint drops Ubuntu Snap packages

The Linux Mint project has made good on previous threats to actively prevent Ubuntu Snap packages from being installed through the APT package-management system without the user’s consent. This move is the result of "major worries" from Linux Mint on Snap’s impact with regard to user choice and software freedom. Ubuntu’s parent company, Canonical, seems open to finding a solution to satisfy the popular distribution’s concerns — but it too has interests to consider.

I just got a new-to-me laptop and was surprised to see that Chromium is only available as a Snap package in Ubuntu 20.04. Even though it’s in the repositories. Like everyone, I use Snaps and Appimages, but it seems less-than-cool to force it on users (Ubuntu says it was so users wouldn’t lose Chromium). I’m curious what Mint will do, given how dependent they are upon Ubuntu.

Also, after a week or so, I’ve had no issues with the Chromium snap, just for the record.

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