Calendars Are Tricky

I’m not sure this is a purely Linux issue, but it’s a work-from-home technical challenge.

I use Thunderbird/Lightning as my master calendar so I can see my days in one place. I subscribed to my work Outlook feed and could see everything in Thunderbird.

For some reason, recurring events would get stuck in that calendar, though. Like if a recurring meeting moved, it would still display. On the one hand, it’s always nice to realize you don’t have a meeting. But it’s probably better to have an accurate grasp on your time.

I looked into the issue and couldn’t really see any solutions (nor even how to express the problem). But I noticed that in my Fastmail web calendar, where I also subscribed to my work calendar, everything displayed perfectly. So I now subscribe to the Fastmail version of my work calendar.

It’s not pretty, but it’s not ugly either. And most importantly of all, it works.

So if your Outlook calendar is giving you similar problems with recurring events, try adding it to a web calendar and subscribe to that.

And yes, my Plan B was to keep adding adding calendars to calendars to calendars.